• BUG搬运工-9105/9115/9120 "assert" kernel panics with Target Wait Time enabled

    9105/9115/9120 "assert" kernel panics with Target Wait Time enabled
    Access points may unexpectedly experience "assert" kernel panics, with messages similar to the following in the log:

    <0>[08/26/2020 05:37:30.4580] Kernel panic - not syncing: assert:"SCB_PS(scb) || wlc_twt_scb_active(wlc->twti, scb)" failed: file "wlc_apps.c:1808"

    <0>[11/02/2020 03:17:07.1800] Kernel panic - not syncing: assert:"0" failed: file "wlc_twt.c:3042"

    Access point is a 9105, 9115 or 9120 series.

    Target Wait Time (TWT) is enabled (as it is by default.)

    Disable TWT support on the WLAN(s):

    config wlan target_waketime disable

    IOS-XE (conf-wlan mode):
    no dot11ax target-waketime
    no dot11ax twt-broadcast-support

    Further Problem Description:
    Although these access points do not support the TWT feature, it was accidentally enabled by default.
    This bug CSCvv51321 addresses the problem by ensuring that TWT is disabled on 9105/9115/9120
    series APs, regardless of the controller configuration.
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